Welcome to Rejuvenate Stress Management Center!

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Welcome to Rejuvenate Stress and Health Management Center!

Rejuvenate is a stress management and health care center. The center is dedicated to offer comprehensive care under one roof. Treatments are available for acute & chronic diseases; under the care of renowned doctor. A wide range of services is offered to cover all health aspects –to save your time, energy & expenses. Apart from treating diseases , remedies for prevention are part of the center & unique herbal treatment for stress, skin, hair, nails .Multiple benefits are provided at a cost, suitable to a common person’s pocket.

Why is it necessary to get rid of stress?

Stress is a major contributing factor for many diseases; so by controlling stress most of the disease can be prevented. Functioning of Rejuvenate is encompassing preventive majors. Hence providing relief from stress is the main focus of the center.

How does the center operate for stress relief?

The treatments & therapies are based on the principles of Ayurveda & Psychotherapy. These all are scientific remedies to cure physical, mental & emotional ailments. The treatments are hygienic & result oriented based on Medical science of Ayurveda. These are Holistic, Health promoting 100% chemical free treatments. The center also offers diet and nutrition counseling and services for stress management.

What is specific about skin care at Rejuvenate?

Assured result oriented herbal treatment done with fresh herbal extracts. on application these herbs have Quick absorption -fast action & Instant results. There is no chance of adverse effects since it is without using any creams, chemicals or machines.

Is it a health spa?

Rejuvenate is distinguished as a wellness center rather than a spa, as it promotes lifestyle changes, rather than quick fixes. Chronic diseases like sinusitis Asthma Arthritis can be treated here. though some health spa is a part of relaxation therapy but it is based on medical science of Ayurveda. Hence mainly making the use of herbs.