Welcome to Rejuvenate Stress and Health Management Center!

Chemical Free Non-invasive Herbal Healing

The mission of Rejuvenate center is to relieve patients of any  physical, mental, emotional stress so that patients lead a healthy, happy and successful life. We achieve this using holistic, non-invasive, natural remedies based on 5000 years old time tested science of Ayurveda. In addition we use psychological treatments and techniques for stress management.

The center is well planned & equipped to provide relaxation therapies & treatments with fresh herbs. The use of fresh herbal extracts for treating skin problems is a unique feature of this center. The skin friendly natural ingredients give instant results. Pimples, pigmentation, sun-tan removal, dark circles are just some of the skin problems treated at the center. Beauty enhancing packages are also offered.

The relaxation therapies & fresh herbal formulations can provide relief from the hazardous effects of stress. Stress induced conditions like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies are treated here giving wonderful results. Training sessions are conducted to teach the techniques of relaxation along with counceling sessions.

Regular YOGA & Meditation classes are conducted for fitness & developing concentration. This will motivate them to achieve their life time goals and fulfill their dreams.

Life threatening diseases like cancer & suicidal attempts can be prevented with a timely visit to the center. The complications of non curable diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and arthritis can be controlled.

Rejuvenate is located in the heart of Nagpur city in India with a natural refreshing airy envirnoment and lush green lawns surronded with herbal plantations.